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D1T is the largest active network of D1T families online, with over twenty-thousand members of all age groups.


We provide a range of placement opportunities to our sponsors, including front-end and back-end marketing options, with a variety of sizes and visibility available.


Blog Advertising


Blogs have taken the online world by storm and thousands of people visit this site every day looking for them. If you have a product or service that you think would interest our visitors, this is the place to advertise!


Sponsored TextAds


Costs $5 per calendar month.


Sponsored ContextAds


ContextAd anchor text can be up to 75 characters in length.


Costs $5 per calendar month.



Rotating 468x60 BannerAds


BannerAds can be either .gif, .jpg or .png format.



BannerAds can be a maximum of 20kb in size.



Costs $5 per calendar month.



Email Ads


We are able to email your ad to 184,180 of our users or just to those listed in a certain categories.


An email to all of our users costs $5.


A custom written review sent to all our users costs $5.


An email to all of our users in a single category (e.g. hobbies) costs $5 per category.


Please contact us for more details.


All ads are reviewed in order to ensure that there no are offensive or illegal materials and we use paypal for all our transactions.